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College Entrance Essay Sample for Rutgers University USA

College Admission/Entrance/Application Essay
Paper title: College Entrance Essay for Rutgers University USA
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I need a college entrance essay written for Rutgers University.

This essay  needs to explain how i used to be very bad student is high school with a very low GPA, to how I’ve improved to keeping a 2.24 GPA now and working full time. I need to explain how I’m a hard worker and want to get far in life. Also explain that I’m a member of American corporation, and I do 300of service to better our community every 2 semesters. I work with homeless people and children with single mothers. Please make the short essay very catchy.

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College Entrance Essay for Rutgers University USA

Evidence-based practice is the integration of best research evidence with nursing expertise and patient values. The synthesis of "best research evidence" is at the core of biostatistics and epidemiology. What, however, is the scientific basis for "nursing expertise"? It can be defined as "the ability to use our nursing skills and past experience to rapidly identify each patient"s unique health state and diagnosis, their individual risks and benefits of potential interventions, and their personal values and expectations". The content of their handbook, however, deals mainly with searching and processing evidence. It contains little about nursing expertise. It seems as if evidence-based practice in reality offers no methods for improving nursing skills, or takes it for granted that doctors obtain nursing expertise by practicing medicine. This is surprising, because studies of nursing decision making tend to demonstrate that nurses are not handling information in a consistent and comprehensive way. Rather, they use heuristics and base their decisions on parts of the available information because to cope with the totality is in practice too difficult. One used to demonstrate the problems of medical decision making by asking nurses to decide on therapy for 20 "paper patients" and subsequently identify what patient factors were important for the decisions. It turned out that many doctors seemed to be unaware of what factors they used in their decision making. They claimed that certain factors were important, yet regression analyses pointed to some totally different ones.


Perhaps Archie Cochrane"s concept "the relative unimportance of therapy" may explain why "nursing expertise" is considered relatively unimportant. The most common origin of questions is professional practice itself. For example, a clinician may have a child on her caseload for whom she would like to explore the use of a speech-generating device (SGD) on a trial basis. Although the child and his family agree with such a trial period, collectively, the clinician and her team might be unsure whether to try a dynamic display, a static display, or a combination thereof. The clinician may also wonder whether only one of these options or multiple options should be tested; and if so, should it be simultaneously or successively.


Despite achieving less in my academic life (especially in the high school)  I always believe on pursuing my academic journey that’s why today I am in such a position where I can confidently apply for admission in your college.

In my opinion, to appear as a total failure is not something to be ashamed of. There is always room for improvement and everyone in this world should try again and again to get better results. And here I can put my own example. In my high school, my performance was too average in the classroom. Yes, I was a bad student at that time with a low GP ratio. But the ingrained ability to bring a success out of failure helped me to improve myself and now I am able to manage 2.2 GP. All praises to God who bestowed me enough strength to endure continuous hardship and labor so as to the whole journey of life can never be stopped.  

I am a not only a student but a full-time worker as well striving hard to earn my livelihood. In fact, I have a very clear vision:  To be the best as an individual and as a society member as well. My vision is not just restricted to fulfill my own materialistic desires but I also envision a society free of hunger and ailments. I am a member of American Corp. and from this platform I participate fully to better our community and its environment.

Moreover, every 2 semesters I also work with homeless people and children with single mothers. The aforementioned welfare activities provide me an inner satisfaction. I try my level best to serve the needy people as if I am serving my own needs. All poor and needy people scattered around me are not excluded from my whole personality that is why serving them nourishes my soul and enables me to do more for the needy world in order to upgrade myself spiritually.

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